The Climb of Your Life - Legacy

May 23, 2021    Charley Carpenter

Lost - Separate from God. Still playing God.
Learn - Discovering who God really is.
Live - Our response to God. Where I put into practice what I’m learning.
Learning Process:
Lead - Byproduct of how we live. Help others become more like Jesus.
Legacy - The RESULTS of our life.

We have come to a crossroads in the United States. Something of a crisis. The issue is clear. We have forgotten what leadership looks like. Mike Myat (Forbes)

“The world is facing a crisis of leadership.” World Economic Forum

Matthew 9:36-38

As long as we keep throwing political answers at a shepherding problem, we cannot solve the problem.

Ezekiel 34:1-6, 11
John 10:14-16
Jeremiah 23:3-4
John 17:20-23

Will you take on the heart of the Good Shepherd and commit to shepherding others toward Him?
Who is God wanting you to invite into a Shepherd role in your life?
Who is God asking you to Shepherd?