Core Values

The root of what we do


We are serious about our mission. We are fully surrendered to Jesus and are committed to sharing hope with anyone and everyone, to help them take their “Next Steps” and experience life to the full! We believe God is who He says He is and we want everyone to experience the life He created them to experience.
(Love God) 


We’re committed to applying the truths of the Bible to our every day experiences, resulting in lives that are fully transformed. We’re continually taking our Next Steps toward God and sharing our stories with others. We cheer each other to grow, get in groups and live authentic lives together. We fight the urge to live isolated or sheltered by engaging in conversations that could change eternity. We are committed to connecting with the God who created them.
(Love People)


 We have so much fun looking for ways to give of our time, energy and finances to bless others and serve those in need. We realize that we have been given far more than we deserve and if we aren’t careful we can get selfish really fast. So, our response is to intentionally give ourselves away for the sake of God and others! (Serve Others)