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Welcome to Venture Kids Online!

Below you will find the weekly Venture Kids videos for Preschool and Elementary. These videos include worship as well as the bible lessons and parent discussion questions. We are so glad you joined us online! We are looking forward to gathering in person, but until then we hope you can enjoy growing in faith together as a family! Enjoy! 



Preschool Video Lesson 7/5

Preschool Questions/Family Activity   


Elementary Video Lesson 7/5

Elementary Discussion Questions:   

Kids Sermon Notes   


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Family Resources:

Parent Cue App: This is a great app that connects parents with practical things to read, do or say to help engage with your child every day. It has blogs, podcasts, and information to help guide you through this season. 

Faith-Based Activities:

Bible App  for Kids: 

The Bible App for Kids is a great way for kids to explore the big stories of the bible. Its easy, kid-friendly navigation. Engaging and interactive content that brings the bible to life. Fun facts and activities designed to help kids remember what they learn. 


Click link--->SuperBook Website. 

It is a website filled with animated bible story episodes that teach moral truths and life lessons. There are lots of activities on the website along with the Superbook App. You just need to create a login to access the episodes.

Venture Kids Youtube Channel: Here you will find the worship songs we sing in Venture Kids along with some new ones. 

Venture Kids Worship Playlist